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How to succeed and be successful in life?

How to be successful in life ? First know what it means

Success is usually measured through three things: power, notoriety, and possessions. Someone who does not hold these different attributes would then have the impression of having missed his life. And yet, when you ask those around you “What does success in life mean” to them, you will surely get different definitions. This already tells you that success is first and foremost a matter of personal ambition.

Think back to the question I just asked « Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What is your answer ?

Discovering how to succeed in life must actually begin with this first clarification.

Of course, this goal is unique and unique to each person. For some individuals, the apotheosis will, for example, be synonymous with wealth, material comfort or even a high-level professional career.

For others, however, it will be more focused on the development of healthy relationships and rewarding experiences, family life or self-realization in a passion. So there is no single definition. It is up to you to build it and act to make your goals a reality. This is essential before even seeking to know how to succeed in life.

For good reason, you need a target to aim for, a road to follow, a destination to reach. By doing so, you will be more satisfied with the path you have traveled and your accomplishments. In fact, many studies have already demonstrated the importance of setting goals.

People who have taken the time to do this are more likely to put in enough effort, be more persistent, and achieve more. It is also an essential ingredient for self-confidence and personal growth. You would then have no difficulty in being happier every day.

How to succeed and be successful in life?

Succeed in life or live life

We could also wonder about the very principle of « succeeding in life », because should we succeed or live our life? To live your life, wouldn’t that be to succeed in your life? Vast philosophical question…

To live one’s life is to make one’s own choices, independently of family pressure, traditional patterns and what will be said about it, from which society has almost succeeded in freeing itself in recent decades, especially for women. Until recently, women did not have the opportunity to choose their life, at least their spouse, but then everything was mapped out.

And if they practiced a profession, it was to compensate for a meager salary from their husband or because he was sick/dead/gone. Few women had the chance to make their own choices. So as for living their life, it never occurred to anyone: a problem for the rich or the idle…

The skills assessment can help you become aware of your aspirations, your life goals and your skills.

Combine professional and personal life

What if succeeding in life resonated in the alliance of your professional and personal life? Thus in a constant race for success in life in all respects, it seems relatively important to preserve oneself. Drawing limits, sleeping and resting properly or encouraging family dialogue after a day’s work, priceless elements that will allow you to create well-being. So what is success in life and in life? It’s also finding a balance!

Things change
Things have changed, but 180° one might say, and not necessarily for the better. Because today there is an imperative to succeed in life, since everything is possible. With such pressure, many miss out on their deepest desires. Moreover, as the writer Julien Green already said: « nothing resembles failed lives more than certain successes ».

Success is unique to everyone! There is no clear and precise definition to give, except to be happy to live your own life. It is not a goal but a state of mind, a path to follow throughout his life whatever the events that will mark it. There is nothing « visible » about being happy. It is deep, it is a feeling, an appeasement, a well-being.