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How will you take care of your fabric ?

Rolls of fabric and textiles in a factory shop or store or bazar. Multi different colors and patterns on the market. Industrial fabrics.

The average lifetime of a fabric is about 2.2 years. Also, the quality of the material determines how long it will last. Apart from the quality of the fabric, the amount of care it receives also influences the fabric’s lifespan. Nevertheless, to ensure your fabric last longer, follow these tips below:

Wash less

Washing your garment always reduces its lifespan. It may also cause damage to the fiber of the fabric and decrease its lifespan. You can freshen up the clothing fabrics instead of washing them if it is not dirty. Remember the detergent you use. Also, you could just hang it outside to get steamed in the fresh air.

Pay attention to labels

The fabric laundering approach differs, and you need to take note of this. For example, wool should not be washed frequently unless the material is dirty. The labels on these fabrics stipulate how the wool needs to be washed. Fabrics like cashmere are fragile and often vulnerable to damage if you use harsh chemicals. Let the fabric label be your guide to cleaning it.

Air dry

Hang your clothing outside after washing. Instead of using your washing machine to dry your clothing, you can air dry them with natural sunlight. Air drying makes your clothing smell fresh too. Remember, you will be saving energy if air dries your clothing more often.

Store properly

Another way to prolong the lifespan of your clothing is to store it correctly. Your clothing should be stored in a cool and dry place, no matter the fabric. Also, don’t overfill your wardrobe with too much clothing because it would cluster, and there would be no space.


No one likes their piece of clothing to get bad, especially if it’s expensive. Don’t be about storing your clothing, or it will get bad. To learn more about keeping your fabric, reach out to meltblown fabric.