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What is PPE in Healthcare ?

What is PPE in Healthcare ?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in healthcare is a special piece of equipment worn to create a barrier between the wearer and gems. The essence of the barrier is to reduce the chance of touching or becoming exposed to harmful hems. In addition, in the healthcare sector, PPE is recommended since personnel can become exposed to gems through their interactions with several patients.

Furthermore, the standard in most clinical environments is that personnel in the facility must wear PPE whenever they are attending to patients. Whether or not the personnel are attending to a patient is sometimes even required. Below are the various types of PPE used in the healthcare sector:


The surgical face mask became very popular as soon as the COVID outbreak broke out. The purpose of wearing the surgical face mask is to cover your mouth and nose. As you may know, the nose and mouth can easily get things into the body. Interestingly, some masks have a see-through plastic part. Masks are often mandatory in most medical facilities because they prevent the spread of germs faster than any other PPE. Transmission of airborne diseases like tuberculosis can be stopped if you use a mask while attending to a patient with the disease.

Eye Protection

Goggles and face shields are also very important ppe for healthcare personnel. In addition, google protects your eyes from mucus membranes, blood, and other fluids. Also, if infected fluids make contact with the eye, the germs can enter the person’s body if they are not well equipped. Furthermore, face fields can also protect the wearer from infectious droppings that may come from the air.


The clothes that healthcare personnel is expected to wear include gowns, aprons, head coverings, and shoe covers. These clothes are used during surgery to ensure that the wearer is protected from coming in contact with any bodily fluids.